Andres Restrepo

Andres Restrepo

Andrés has a bachelor’s degree in Economics from the Universidad de los Andes and a Masters Degree in Economic Analysis and Financial Economics, from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid. He has been a teacher in the Market and

Macroeconomics module from the Risks Economics and Information Postgraduate Program at Universidad de los Andes, as well as in the Financial Risk Management and Investment Theory module at the Economics Faculty in Universidad del Rosario.

Andrés is partner at Governance Consultants S.A. He has been Deputy Minister and Regulation Director for Social Security Sector at the Finance Ministry. In the financial sector, he was CEO at the stated owned insurance company, Previsora Seguros, as well as Strategy Manager at the pension fund manager, Porvenir. He was formerly the Economic Research and Investment Banking Manager and the Planning Manager of Titularizadora Colombiana. Most recently he worked in Houston as the CFO of Ecopetrol America, a subsidiary of Ecopetrol.

He has been board member of insurance, reinsurance, asset management and oil and gas companies. Currently he is part of the board of director of the Autorregulador del Mercado de Valores (AMV).


  • Masters Degree in Economic Analysis and Financial Economics
    Universidad Complutense de Madrid
  • Economist
    Universidad de los Andes